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Up 4 Change is a social 'round up' donation platform that provides a simple way for charities to immediately connect with potential donors through an engaging digital experience.

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App features

Find charities that match your values

Capture your interests and values during onboarding, tailoring the charities visible on the platform to those which fit their beliefs.

Discover the great work being done

Learn about new organisations and see your funds at work through a central social feed. Direct your funds to your favorite charities ‘micro goals’ so they know what’s important to you!

Automate your giving

Link your debit card to the platform and round up a small amount on each transaction. Lots of little donations makes for a big impact.

Work together with others

Join a group of people all working together towards a common goal. Whether you’re part of a school or another organization, you can pool resources and make massive change! It’s common cents!

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